For private home owners

Intelligent Building offers a comprehensive smart house solution for private home owners, which consists of an energy consumption measurement system, controlling of lights and heating and smart controlling of household devices according to the client’s wish.

As the cost of energy continues to rise (in a shorter as well as longer perspective), it is reasonable for home owners to invest in energy saving and smart technology. First, energy consumption should be decreased. For this purpose, the house should be insulated to prevent thermal energy leaks and a more efficient heating system, light sources and electric household appliances should be purchased.

Intelligent Building energy consumption measurement system helps the user in changing their energy consumption habits. Informative overviews of current energy consumption and consumption in a selected period enable monitoring of the energy consumption.

By cutting energy expenses through synergies, smart controlling of lighting, heating and other electrical devices and utilisation of alternative sources of energy (such as wind generators or solar panels), it is possible to save energy significantly.


New trends

The continuous rapid development of information technology worldwide is also bringing new trends to the development of smart house systems. The use of 3D models and apps for smart devices is increasing, meter systems are being connected to accounting software, the cloud technology is used to store information, etc.

There are electricity meters available today, which are capable of two-way measuring of electricity consumption, enabling even more efficient use of energy.

As a new trend, it is possible to integrate with the household smart systems which check the current market prices of electricity. For example, the system is able to tell that the price of electricity is low and automatically switches on washing machines or other household appliances through the power network. If the current price of electricity is higher, the system switches over to alternative power sources, such as solar panels or wind generators.


Example of a Smart House private residence

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Intercom system




Security system




For swimming pools


Window covering




Heating and cooling