Heating and cooling

Automatic control of heating and cooling

Intelligent Building concept enables automatic control of heating and cooling by adjusting room temperatures according to schedules and whether or not there are people in the room. This way, the system conveniently takes care of ensuring a higher temperature in the evening when people are at home and lowers the temperature in the rooms at night or when the users are away, ensuring thereby effective energy consumption.

Intelligent Building concept is very effective in cutting down the cost of heating, as it functions automatically. Automatic devices can be controlled centrally as well as remotely over the internet. The user gets an overview of the history of the cost of heating, based on which it is possible to forecast or analyse consumption. Energy is saved through keeping the temperature accurately at the necessary level: the temperature can be easily turned up or down remotely or locally.

For example, there is also an option to automatically turn off the heating when a window is opened. In short, the temperature in the rooms is kept exactly at the required level, there is no overheating, but it is also not unpleasantly cool. The cost of heating can be cut by up to 25%*.

* The figure is based on a survey conducted in Germany.