Take control over your home!

Remote administration over the internet

Intelligent Building concept enables to manage and control your living environment remotely by using the internet. Thereat, all your personal information is securely protected thanks to a security system similar to those used by online banks. Download the app for smart devices from the App Store or Google Play. The app allows the user to conveniently control the automation of their home with the help of devices used on a daily basis.


Smart scenario-based controlling

Scenarios enable to operate all systems in your home according to predetermined schedules. For example, you can create an evening scenario, which includes automatic switching on of the lights in the living room, closing of the blinds, setting of the room temperature at 23ºC, as well as the outdoor lights on the façade, in the garden and by the swimming pool switching on depending on the scheduled time and how dark it is. All this is possible thanks to a smart controller, which enables to activate simultaneously a number of different operations.


Measurement of energy consumption

Efficient saving on energy consumption largely depends on how aware we are of our energy consumption habits. This is why it is especially important to measure energy consumption, as it provides us an accurate overview of how much energy we consume.

Intelligent Building concept enables to monitor electricity, water and heating consumption through a computer or a smart device. The user gets an overview of their current consumption and the consumption in a selected period of time.